Day of celebration

    The Day of Celebration stamp is suitable for many kinds of congratulatory messages. The stamp will also celebrate Klaus Welp’s long career as a stamp designer, as it is the 100th stamp designed by Welp. The stamps designed by Klaus Welp, who is known as a versatile graphic designer and photographer, have featured subjects such as well-known Finnish musicians, Mikael Granlund’s famous airhook goal, saunas and Tove Jansson. Welp also designed the Wilderness Bridge stamp, which was voted the most beautiful stamp in Finland and took second place in the EUROPA stamps competition in 2018.

    Date of issue 28.4.2021

    With no-value indicator stamps you can mail letters and cards in Finland and it is always valid. You can mail a letter max. 50 gramms with one stamp. For heavier letters you need multiple stamps (more information in the picture).




    10 stamps