Personalized postcard

    Bring joy with a personalized postcard featuring a photo taken by you. Use one of your own photos. The postcard is sent directly from the service, and the recipient will receive a real, physical postcard.

    How to order

    1. Upload your image
    2. Select whether you want a regular or a folded postcard
    3. Add the recipient’s address information
    4. Write your greeting
    5. Select the date for the card to be sent out
    6. Pay and send the card
    7. The postcard is sent from the service, and the recipient will receive a real postcard in their mailbox


    You pay for the personalized cards when you order it in the online store. A delivery fee will not be added to the order, if you have only personlaized cards in the order. We will send you an order confirmation by email. Please keep the order confirmation as it also acts as a purchase receipt.

    Delivery time
    Domestic postcards sent via the online service are usually delivered on the fourth weekday from the placing of the order if the order was placed on a weekday before 12 noon.
    International postcards are delivered with the same delivery speed as a Priority letter.


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