Personalized stamp
    Add the finishing touches to your postcards or letters with a personalized stamp – or give the stamps you have designed to someone as a gift!
    Personalized stamps are domestic non-value indicator stamps. Stamps can be ordered in sheets of 10 stamps. You pay for the customized stamps when you order them in the online store. We will send you an order confirmation by email. Please keep the order confirmation as it also acts as a purchase receipt.

    How to order

    1. Upload the picture of your choice
    2. Choose a frame for the stamp
    3. Enter your contact details and select a delivery and payment method
    4. The order will be placed, and you will receive your personalized stamps in the mail

    The standard online store delivery charges apply to processing and delivery.

    Delivery time
    The average delivery time for the personalized stamps is 10–14 days after ordering. The order's delivery time can vary between 7 and 31 working days after placing the order.

    With no-value indicator stamps, you can mail letters and cards in Finland and it is always valid. You can mail a letter max. 50 grams with one stamp. For heavier letters, you need multiple stamps (more information in the picture).


    10 stamps