The magic of Christmas in an envelope – order a letter from Santa Claus


Bring joy to both young and old members of your family with a unique letter from Santa Claus himself. The letter will be mailed using Santa’s own stamp and Santa Claus’ Main Post Office postmark, which you can’t get from anywhere else in the world.


Order a letter to an address in Finland by December 15.

Unfortunately you can only order letters to Finland. (Orders to other countires had to be placed by December 1)  

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Your very own letter from Santa Claus
Includes a certificate of niceness
Santa Claus writes in 13 different languages

What does the letter from Santa Claus include?

The letter contains entertaining stories about what Santa and the Christmas elves are up to, which will help you all to get into the Christmas spirit. The letter also includes a certificate of niceness and a fun coloring card.

A sprinkle of Christmas magic for every home.



Product information

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Sharing joy around the world

You can order a letter from Santa Claus to anywhere in the world, and we will mail the letter so that it arrives by Christmas. To make sure that the letter arrives on time, letters to Europe must be ordered by the December 1, and letters to countries outside Europe by November 11.

Letters mailed to a Finnish address can be ordered until December 15.

Due to this year’s exceptional circumstances caused by the pandemic, letters are not available for every country because of missing transportation connections. The order menu displays only the countries that are available for delivery. In some destination countries, the pandemic may cause unexpected delays in mail deliveries, which are unfortunately beyond our control.

  1. Enter the recipient’s information and add to the shopping cart
  2. Enter your own information and pay
  3. Santa Claus will write the letter
  4. The letter will arrive by Christmas
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